Sustainable business practices: 
Standard practice at Schellens 

Schellens has been committed to sustainable business practices for more than a century. Concern for the environment and the world in which we live ? and on which we depend ? is simply  

part of our company. Sustainability is interwoven (both figuratively and literally) into our raw materials, production methods and products.  

It starts right at the beginning with the natural yarns we use as the main raw materials for producing our interior fabrics. Mohair, wool, silk, linen and bamboo are sustainable raw materials that go into creating our final products. Each one is a  

natural, rapidly renewable product. In addition, the cotton used as a base cloth in our fabrics is Oeko-Tex Certified, insuring the yarns to be pesticide and heavy metal free. Part of our process is to give preference to working with companies that  

place a high priority on responsible business practices. 
The production process used in manufacturing our pile fabrics also operates sustainably and results in a minimum of  

impact on the environment. For dyeing our raw materials, we work only with ETAD-approved pigments. The production process we use minimises our consumption of water and energy. We are able to use filtered surface waters rather  

than precious ground waters for our dying process, and after careful purification, return the water to the public system for re-use. Recycling is also a high priority in other areas of our production process. 

We continue to work on minimising our impact and are currently working toward a way to combine the transport and transhipment of our fabrics, for example, to reduce CO2 emissions generated by trucking and other freight service practices. 

Schellens is ISO 14001 and Oeko-Tex certified. 
Since our mohair and wool fabrics are naturally dirt-repellent and flame resistant there is no need to treat our products with  

chemical agents to provide our fabrics with these characteristics. This eliminates emissions of these harmful substances, reduces the need for additional transportation for finishing and eliminates additional energy consumption required for  

further processing.  
From our raw materials to our finished products: everything about Schellens is sustainable. For us, it?s standard practice.