Schellens represents more than a century of weaving excellence. In 1902, Léo Schellens established his textile mill in what was, at the time, the outskirts of a young township called Eindhoven. That township would soon grow into a major  

industrial center, thanks not only to a burgeoning textile industry in the surrounding province, but also to the rapid growth of Philips & Co., which had established a small incandescent lamp factory in the heart of Eindhoven in 1891.  

From the beginning, Léo Schellens specialized in mohair velvet. With 19 employees and 4 looms the mill produced roughly 15,000 meters a year. The fabric, which is said to have been primarily dyed red, was used mainly to make tablecloths  

and house slippers. 
The original mill burnt down in 1911. Luckily it had by then become a profitable business and Léo Schellens could readily finance the rebuilding of his mill. By 1915  

it was producing upwards of 20,000 meters of mohair velvet a year.  
With the advent of the roaring 1920s, mohair velvet became fashionable as an upholstery fabric and interior textile for the  

well-to-do. Léo Schellens was on its way to becoming a leading European supplier of this luxuriously exclusive fabric. 
Following the doldrums suffered during the events of WWII, the ever-resilient mill  

rebounded and was soon producing up to 100,000 meters of mohair velvet per year.  
Given the rather dramatic history of the textile industry over the past 50 years, during which time many mills failed, it is a telling testimony to the expertise and  

fortitude of Schellens? management, and the proficiency and skill of its craftsmen and technicians, that the mill continues to flourish ? right in the middle of a bustling metropolis. (Throughout the decennia, Eindhoven, quite literally, grew up around  

the Léo Schellens mill.)  
In 2001, Léo Schellens was acquired by the Vescom Group in Deurne, a family of companies dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-end wallcovering,  

interior fabrics and upholstery, largely for the international contract market.  
Today, Schellens is the world?s leading mill specializing in superior quality velvets and epinglés woven from natural fibers, including 100% mohair, wool and silk.