Design and colouring determine the characteristics attributed to the weave.  


Design is all about possibility. 
Knowing what the looms can do ? yarn structure ? weave construction ? the play oflight on finely woven textile ? texture, movement, resilience, strength. 
These are all factors attributable to design. 

Working closely with customers, our designers skillfully translate abstract ideas into concrete solutions. The result is supple one-of-a-kind textiles with noteworthy optical, tactile, physical and emotional attributes.  


Colour is all about light.  
Our fabrics are piece dyed to order. Provided with a reference, we can match every colour imaginable. The infallible eye of our master dyers guarantees accuracy. We know, for instance, that the same  

colour will look different in Sydney than it does in St. Petersburg ? because of the quality of light peculiar to each place. So we adjust the colour according to the fabric?s destination. Our comprehensive colour archive extends the lifespan of all  

Schellens? textiles, ensuring an exact colour match with each successive run.