Schellens fabrics are featured in many of the world?s leading interior textile collections and bear the signature of internationally acclaimed designers. Velvets and epinglés woven from natural fibers 
bespeak qualities of home and hearth, and  

lend themselves to contemporary and classic interiors. 


Style and durability are key factors in office environments. The visual appeal, strength and enduring elegance of Schellens mohair velvet make it a perfect choice for reception areas, boardrooms and auditoria.  

If desired,any design or company logo can be woven into the fabric. 


Guests at hotels, restaurants, casinos, luxury sports clubs and spas want to feel at-home. The delightful visual and tactile qualities of Schellens mohair velvets and woolen epinglés reinforce this feeling.  

With natural fibers, soil retention is minimal, making them easy to maintain. 


Velvet is the principal fabric used in theatres (for example: Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and Casa de Música in Porto), thanks to its excellent acoustic qualities, natural fire retardancy and durability.  

Schellens mohair velvets are used for seating and stage curtains in theatres, concert halls, and music and entertainment venues throughout the world. 

Transportation & Aviation 

The comfort and resilience of fabrics woven with natural fibers make them a perfect choice for cruise ships and yachts, aircraft, luxury touring buses and top-of-the-line automobiles. Schellens fabrics carry the  
IMO-certification required by the marine  

transportation industry, and are fully certified for use in aviation and passenger vehicles. 

Winter Sports 

We are constantly looking for new ways to apply our fabrics. For instance, Schellens mohair velvet ? environment- and animal-friendly by definition ? proves to be an ideal substitute for the seal or synthetic  
adhesive skins used in Nordic ski touring. 

Health Care 

When it comes to visitor reception areas and lounges in hospitals, patient care facilities and senior residences, a convivial ambiance and comfortable seating are extremely important. Warmth, softness,  
durability and comfort distinguish  

Schellens natural fiber weaves, making them ideal for this market.